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5 things you should know before dating a journalist

Dette er en artikkel en av mine kolleager på Side2 fant frem, og ja, som journalist føler jeg meg truffet. 😉
Here`s what you need to know:

1) We can figure things out. Understand, we`re paid to dig deep, find the secrets and wade through bullshit. We can pick up on subtleties, so what you think you are hiding from us won`t be hidden for long. Sure, we`ll act surprised when you eventually tell us you starred in German porn as a freshman in college, but we already knew.

We don`t take shit from anyone, so don`t lie to us or give a load of bullshit. We spend all day separating fact from fiction, listening to PR cronies and dealing with slimy politicians. If you make us do the same with you, you`re just gonna piss us off. And don`t think we will be quiet about it. We will respond with the vengeance of an Op-Ed page railing against society`s injustices, and we`ll enjoy doing it.

Just tell us the truth. We can handle it.

2) At some point, you will be a topic. Either through a feature story or an opinion column, something you do or say will be a subject. Get over it. Consider it a compliment, even if we`re arguing against you in print.

Think about it: we live our lives writing about life. If you are a part of our life, we are going to write about you, your thoughts or a subject springing from one of the two.

Don`t be upset when an argument against your adoration of Hillary Clinton turns up on page A4. We`re not directing the writing at you, personally your ignorance was just our inspiration (there, doesn`t that make you feel better?).

3) Yes, we think we`re smarter than you. In fact, we know it. Does that smack of ego? Absolutely – but that confidence is what makes your heart go pitter-patter.

We have a strong, working knowledge of how the world works. That makes us great in conversation. We can delve into the intricacies of zoning laws, local and national politics, where to find the good restaurants, what is happening with pop culture, where the good bands are playing and more.

But there are pitfalls.

Guaranteed, when you say "towards," we will automatically say "toward" – "towards" is not a word. We"re not trying to call you dumb (even though you don´t understand the English language), it` habit. The same will happen when you say "anxious" when you mean "eager" and when you answer "good" when someone asks how you are doing.

We carry ourselves with a certain arrogant air. Embrace it (that´s what attracted you to us in the first place, after all). Don`t be surprised if we´re not impressed when you say, "I´m a writer, too". No, you are not. The fact that you sit in a coffee shop wearing black while scribbling in your journal does not make you a writer.

Look, we´re paid to write. Every day. What´s more, our writing matters. It changes opinions, affects decisions and connects people with the world around them.

4) You´re not less important than the job – the job is just more important than anything else. One doesn´t become a journalist to sit in an office from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

We do take our work home. If news is happening, we´ll drop whatever we´re doing – even if it´s with you to cover it. We are always looking for stories, so yes, we will stop on the street to write something down, interview a passer-by or gather information for a lead.

On that same note, don´t get upset if you call us on deadline suggesting some afternoon nookie and we say, "I´ve got to put the paper to bed first." That could mean hours from now, but we`ll have plenty of time to put you in bed later.

5) You won´t be disappointed. Journalists are intense, driven, passionate folk. We carry those same attributes into our relationships, making it an extremely fun ride well worth the price of admission. Our lives are never boring and each day is different.

If the pitfalls are scaring you away, consider this:

The fact that we´re inquisitive means we´ll listen to you. Even if it does seem like an interview, we´re paying attention to what you have to say. (see rule No 1).

We´ll write about you or your thoughts because you are an important part of our life and we care about you (see rule No. 2).

Our brains are a great resource. Ever go on a date with an attractive person and wind up wishing you hadn´t because everything they say is just, well, stupid? That is not going to happen here (see rule No. 3).

Yes, it may seem that we put the job ahead of you, but we´re driven. You´re not with that loser whose life is going nowhere and who´s completely content being mediocre (see rule No. 4).


Hele artikkelen finner du her.

– Silje Bjørnstad –

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